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Video tutorial: using paint and mold

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Cream Degreaser

Does using polinea decontamination cream require manual skills?
Decontamination cream can be used to decorate glass quickly and easily. It's a way to do it without special knowledge, just to protect yourself. Cream is easy to apply and dry, so it can be applied quickly.

What kind of object can be deposited?
Polinea decontamination cream is a solution for carving and decorating glass, marble or porcelain products.

What's the result?
After applying the cream, the surface will appear opaque, white, matte and soft.
Our cream will make the surface of your glass products (vases, cups, bottles, glass, mirrors, spray lamp beads) even, safe and quick to decontaminate.
Because the cream is very thick, it can be removed on a vertical surface, such as in a mirror.

How to apply cream?
Please click this link to view the picture tutorial!

How long does it take to apply cream?
It takes about 10 seconds for cream to work.

How can I have a very good depolarization, a good surface uniformity?
-The solution is converted into very fine Chinese to remove the insoluble crystal and obtain a very uniform solution.
-Clean the glass panel very thoroughly. This is important for uniformity, degrease as much as possible, do not use alcohol or acetone, soak in St Marc alkali (soda), switch to the washing solution, and finally polish with grinding white and dry thoroughly with absorbent paper.
-The temperature is about 20 ° C
-The plate is introduced into the solution quickly and stably to eliminate any bubbles.
-Stir regularly throughout the process
-The grain fineness changes with the change of glass soaking time. 2mn30s is a good compromise.

How many places can I put in a jar?
A 120 g pot can be descaling within 1 square meter.

Is cream dangerous?
Using decontamination cream is a safer and less harmful technology than ordinary acid. This is fast, allowing the glass to be cleaned without damaging the implementation. However, hands must be protected from swallowing or swallowing the product.


How do I use your template?
Our mold is flexible and static. Therefore, they are very easy to use and reuse!

What are the tips for using templates?
-Clean the glass thoroughly, especially the surface you intend to remove
-Put the mold where you want it. If the glass doesn't stick together, you can stick it together with a rag.
-To spread cream on a die thick enough
-Let's move for 30 seconds.
-Take out the extra cream and put it back in the jar.
-Remove the mold and rinse until the cream trace disappears