Secure payment

PayPal payment

We choose to propose paymentVia secure paypal? Website via bank card.

One obvious advantage is that you will never tell your financial information to the sales staff!

So only PayPal knows your bank information, and the seller only knows the amount received and the buyer's email address.

Of course, the seller pays PayPal a commission for the transaction, but that's the price needed to provide customers with maximum security.



Please note that if you have an account at their home, you can use your PayPal balance to pay for your purchase, orEven if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use a credit card (CB, etc.).


At the end of the ordering process, if you choose to pay by credit card, you will be redirected to PayPal secure site (HTTPS) with two options:


1) You don't have a PayPal account,You can pay directly by credit card without opening an account.


2) You have a PayPal account that you can log on to their website and pay with your PayPal balance (or through a credit card).


Excerpt from PayPal website:

When you register or log in to PayPal, we will verify that your Internet browser uses SSL (secure socket layer) protocol version 3.0 or higher.

The information is protected by SSL protocol, and the length of encryption key is 128 bits (the highest level in the market).

Your personal information is stored on our servers and is protected both physically and electronically. In order to strengthen the protection of your bank card and account, our firewall server is not directly connected to the Internet.

PayPal secure payment 

Payment strip

New online payment standard

Stripe is a secure and efficient web payment infrastructure (PCI level 1 certification, the highest security level).

Simple and efficient:

-Once you pay once, your next shopping can begin.Click on itOn your mobile phone or Internet, you don't need to take out your bank card every time!

-Accept all major customer credit and debit cards in more than 135 currencies in all countries.

-You can also use 3D secure for all payments.

-You can't enter your bank account!

Stripe secure payment




Amazon Payments


-Online payment is never easy!

Use the information stored in your Amazon account to easily log in and pay for the Amazon payment website.


-Pay safely and quickly

Just a few clicks to complete the purchase

Your contact and payment information is securely stored by Amazon pay and can be accessed through Amazon pay's websites and applications.

-Simplify your life and shop online with one account

Remember one and forget the others

When you shop online, don't be embarrassed by multiple accounts. Sign in with your Amazon account and pay without having to search your credit card or re-enter your address.

-Did you shop on Amazon before?

Sign up with your Amazon account credentials and start using our services now

If you are already shopping on Amazon, you can easily create your Amazon pay account using the email address and password associated with your Amazon account.

-You will be protected under any circumstances

Amazon's a to Z warranty enables you to shop safely and reliably.

When you pay with Amazon Pay, you get the terms of Amazon's Z-To-Z Guarantee. We don't share any credit card information, and you get the same protection as when you shop on Amazon.