Cookie usage policy

Cookie usage policy

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Cookie definition:

A cookie is a text file stored on a computer when visiting a website or viewing an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information about your navigation and provide customized services for your terminal (computer, mobile device or tablet) and the areas you are interested in. Therefore, cookies allow you to identify your terminal when you return to the website. Therefore, it's not you who are identified, it's the terminal where you visit the website.

Cookies posted on our website:

Only the sender of the cookie can read or change the information contained in it.

Cookies we post on our website When a user logs into our website, it is used to identify the user's terminal, so as to:

-Adjust the layout of our website according to your terminal's display preference (display resolution, operating system used, etc.), depending on the viewing or playing hardware and software contained in your terminal,

-Based on the information you provided when creating your account, allow access to reserved and personal spaces on our website, such as your personal account. You can access custom or reserved content,

-Save information about the forms you fill out on our website (visit your account / and subscription),

-Statistics of visits and usage of our website,

-Set up security measures, such as when you are asked to reconnect after a period of time,

-Adjust the advertising content of our website according to your browsing data to meet your interest.

Cookies posted on our website by third parties: These are cookies submitted by third-party companies (such as partners) to identify your points of interest, and may be used to customize advertising products for you inside and outside our website. They may be archived when you browse our website or click on our website's ad space.

Third party publishing and using cookies on our website is only subject to the third party privacy policy.

Cookie Management:

You can choose to disable these cookies at any time. Your browser can also be set up to report cookies stored on your computer to you and ask if you accept them. You can accept or reject cookies according to the specific situation, or you can reject cookies systematically.

Please note that settings may change the terms and conditions of your access to the content and services we need to use cookies.

If your browser is configured to reject all cookies, it may block access to any part or all of the website to manage cookies as close as possible to your expectations. Please set up your browser according to the purpose of the cookie.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click the tools button, and then click Internet Options. On the General tab, under browsing history, click settings. Click the view file button.


Go to the browser's Tools tab, then select the options menu from the window that appears, select privacy, then click View Safari cookie in the browser, and select Edit > Preferences menu. Click security. Click View cookies.

Google Chrome

Click the tools menu icon. Select options. Click the Advanced Options tab and access the Privacy section.

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